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Diversity United Advantage

Diversity United Corporation is a joint venture between KainosMedicine and Impact Diversity Solutions (Impact). Diversity United is classified as a Service-Disabled Veteran, Minority Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) under the definition of the Small Business Administration’s (SBA) Diversity Program.  Through global innovation and international partnerships, Diversity United has become a leader in medical and pharmaceutical development, medical and industrialsupplies, manufacturing efficiencies, and transportationservices.

Our Services

Government Sourcing

Wespecialize in developing corporate partnerships that maximize the competitive advantage in the government bidding and purchasing process for goods and services utilized by US Federal Agencies and US Government Contractors.

Cutting-Edge Pharmaceuticals

We are a global leader in specialized research and development of innovative therapies and vaccines targeting brain diseases, cancers, and infectious disease.

Medical and Industrial Supply

Access tomore than 800,000 hospital-grade medical supply products, affordablemedications, industry-leading cleaning and janitorial solutions, industrial sanitation compounds, large-scale viral disinfectants, and a wide array of personal hygiene products.

Transportation Support

Diversity United provides a variety of transportation services through innovative freight management and time-sensitive product delivery systems. We are your solution for transportation needs.

Leadership Through Global Partnerships

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