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WoW Boost – Buy World of Warcraft Boost services. is one of the highest rated WoW Boosting providers online. We have pushed ourselves to provide not only the safest carry services for World of Warcraft. When choosing ArenaRating, you’re only getting the highest quality World of Warcraft boosts that are available online.

Why choose Us for Your WoW Boost?

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ArenaRating has grown into one of the biggest world of warcraft boosting services on the market. We have continued to push the standard of what it means to provide boosts for WoW. Whether its a small arena carry to a full mythic raid clear, the level of care and satisfaction that we strive to provide is unmatched. We guarantee that you will be happy with your purchase. Our goal is to continue to provide Fast, Safe and Secure Boosting with Extremely Low Prices!

Secure Transactions

Since 2007, we have been offering our boosting service on WoW and other popular online games. We are fully aware of the ins and outs of keeping your account and transaction secure. While others may tout the use of special software and VPNs for account security, we all know that VPNs don’t work! Instead, we use the power and security of AWS servers to keep you safe against any form of theft. Whether you want a simple mythic raid or full fledged PvP coaching, we’re ready to take your character to the next level.

Quality Customer Service

When dealing with us you will not be working with representatives that are in China or other countries and can barely speak English. is one of the only boosting services around that has headquarters in America and Europe. When you purchase a boost from us, you will be receiving the highest level of customer service on the market. Not only do we have the highest rated players in the world under our belt, but we also take pride in our ability of taking care of each customer to the best of our ability.

PvE & PvP WoW Boost Options

When you purchase a boost from us, you can be rest-assured that you will be paired with highest rated players that can not only carry you to any rating or PvE item that you desire, but also that are committed to taking care of you at the highest level.

Our #1 goal has always been helping customers improve in every aspect they want to in World of Warcraft. Whether it’s a PvE raid that you want to clear to mark yourself as a top tier raider or a PvP carry to get achievements that only top tier players can get, we have you covered. We offer numerous options WoW Coaching and WoW boosting services in order to get you to the level you want to be at.

A lot of people question what the true benefit is when buying a boost service rather than trying to attain something on your own in LFG or with others playing the game. The major problem that lies here is that in order to pair up with some people that are better players, you must show that you have the achievements as well.

In many cases, you might be a very good player, but you can constantly get stuck with getting paired with players that simply cannot hold their own weight. It becomes a vicious cycle trying to climb the ladder when you only can find players that are not on your skill level.

This is where many will turn to us for our service. When you play with our Rank 1 pros, getting a carry to your desired rating becomes easy. Not only are you playing with some of the best players to ever grace World of Warcraft, but you’ll also learn tips & tricks along the way so that you can improve how you play., You see, at this point not only are you getting a boost but you’re also getting an experience that no other service provider can provide.

This also applies for any PvE carry as well. If you don’t have a dedicated guild that runs around a schedule which can fit yours, it becomes difficult to even get invited to a guild and be able to obtain some of the best gear on the game through mythic raids. Our raid team has a huge schedule so that you can pick a raid time which fits perfectly in line with when you are available so that it can cater to YOUR availability rather than the availability of an entire guild.

Whether you’re a new player or a casual player, you’re able to buy something that will cater to your needs. Both self-play and pilot options are available depending on which you prefer.

How does buying a WoW carry work?

After placing an order for any of our carry services, we will add to your preferred method of communication. In most cases, this is discord. After we get in touch with you on Skype or Discord, our WoW pros will schedule out a time to either carry out your raid or play with you in PvP. The schedule will cater to your time and we will make sure to accommodate to the boosting service you purchased as much as possible. 

We also recommend to ask as many questions during your carry and boosting sessions as possible. Keep in mind you are playing with some of the best wow players in the world, and it’s only to your advantage to be able to pick their brain as much as possible. Don’t be shy about asking questions about how to play against specific compositions or what specs you should have your character be. The important thing is that not only are you getting your achievements with the boosting service but also learn as much as possible. While our job is to carry you to make sure you get the rating you want, we also don’t want to take away from the learning experience. 

WoW Coaching

Have you ever wanted to play with some of the top PvPers in the world? These players are world renown in WoW and have been dominating blizzcon for years. Now is your chance to queue up with them hourly and learn the ins and outs of how to dominate in wow arena or rbgs.

WoW PvP Services

Whether you want to improve your rating or skill in WoW Arena or Rated Battlegrounds, our WoW players are top ranked pros will easily help you in this realm. We have the most talented staff available at your service to ensure that you get the rating you want.

Mythic PvE Services

We have raid teams available to carry your character through the latest BFA dungeons and raid zones. We also have several patch 8.2 offers as well, including updated Mythic+ dungeons as well as keystone boosting.

WoW Power Leveling

We offer a wide variety of different WoW power leveling options. Whether you need a character leveled to 120 or you want to improve your item level, both boost options are available to purchase.

The Best Players at Your Service

All our boosters go throught rigorous screening. Only the best and most responsible ones are allowed to join our Team. Feel safe knowing you have one of the top WoW players around boosting your account and characters.

Mandatory VPN Use

When purchasing any one of our pilot boosting services for WoW, you can be rest assured that you will be getting the safest methods around. All our boosters are required to use VPNs and even AWS servers or Dynamic IP-s to protect against Account Locks!

Our VPN provider

Dedicated Order Dashboard

Want to be able to personally talk to the booster that is doing your order? With us you can follow the progress of your order & chat with us on discord to get the latest updates on progress.

Dedicated Managers

Unlike other boosting companies, we also have a Dedicated Manager Team ready to solve your issues with Fast and Professional Responses.

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